Threat actors got access to sensitive information belonging to 2,812,336 people due to the Sav-Rx data breach.

The prescriptions management company discovered the data leakage on October 8th, 2023, five days after the attackers had breached their system. It was a network disruption that raised awareness.

While they didn`t reveal how the hackers gained initial access, the company said that the attack only impacted non-clinical systems.

Sav-Rx data breach risks

The investigation ended on April 30 and the attackers got access to files related to Sav-Rx’s medication benefits management services platform.

The incident did not affect our pharmacy systems, including those systems related to our mail order pharmacy. Not all customers were impacted, and not all health plan participants were impacted.

said Sav-Rx’s representatives.

However, the impact of the Sav-Rx data breach is considerable. The attack compromised personal identifiable information (PII) belonging to almost 3 million people:

  • name
  • address
  • eligibility data
  • insurance identification number
  • Social Security number

This is enough data for the hackers to use in phishing campaigns, social engineering, and identity fraud.

Sav-Rx announced the affected persons regarding the possible impact of the incident. The company offers each of the victims two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services.

Data breach prevention measures

Following the investigation, Sav-Rx announced they have strengthened their cyber security posture. Some of the mitigation measures they said they have enhanced are:

  • creating a 24/7 security operations center
  • multi-factor authentication
  • patching cycle implementation
  • network segmentation
  • enhanced geo-blocking

To avoid future data loss or ransomware attacks I would also recommend:

  • using a DNS filtering solution, to block potential malicious communication to C2 servers
  • using end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive data

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