LONDON, May 23, 2024 – Heimdal® is excited to announce its participation in Infosecurity Europe 2024, taking place from 4-6 June 2024 at ExCel London.

Attendees are invited to visit Heimdal’s booth for an exclusive opportunity to engage with industry-leading cybersecurity experts, experience live demonstrations, and enjoy engaging presentations.

Event Highlights

Personalized Experience and Meet & Greet

Visitors to the Heimdal booth will receive a warm welcome and a personalized tour of our latest cybersecurity solutions.

Those attending on the first day will have the unique chance to meet our Chief Enhancement Officer, who will be on hand to give mind penetration tests to guests.

Event Countdown

The countdown to Infosecurity Europe 2024 is underway, and we are thrilled to share this journey with the cybersecurity community.

Follow Heimdal’s LinkedIn page to see how you can make the most of the event, with tips, tricks, and promos posted each day:

As InfoSec emphasizes, “Together, we can rethink the power of infosecurity and discover what that means for you.”

Top Reasons to Visit Heimdal at Infosecurity Europe 2024

  1. Take the Mind Penetration Test

Test your security against our Chief Enchantment Officer, a prestigious member of the Inner Magic Circle. Challenge your limits and see if your defenses can withstand his expertise.

  1. Face-to-Face Product Demos

Experience Heimdal’s solutions live with our experts. Engage in interactive sessions, ask pressing questions, and get hands-on with our cybersecurity tools.

  1. Live Edutainment Shows

Join us for five engaging shows that combine education and entertainment. Learn new cybersecurity tactics from our enthusiastic hosts.

  1. Discover Unexpected Solutions

Visit Stand D140 to find innovative solutions you didn’t know you needed. Forge new connections and explore the future of cybersecurity with Heimdal.

Agenda and Speakers

Heimdal’s team will present a series of edutainment shows covering pressing cybersecurity topics:

Value Realization for the Enterprise

Learn to use data-driven evidence for governance alignment, risk mitigation, and security program efficiency. Overcome reporting challenges and enhance your cybersecurity strategy.

Detonating Ransomware LIVE at InfoSec

Analyze 2024 ransomware trends and witness a live ransomware detonation. Gain insights into effective countermeasures to combat this pervasive threat.

Time is of the Essence – Mastering Patch Management

Discover the importance of Patch Management, best practices, and automation strategies to keep your systems secure and efficient.

Navigating Privileged Access: To Admin or Not to Admin?

Explore Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM) and understand the strategic impacts of admin rights management with case studies and industry insights.

DNS Security – The First Line of Defense

Understand the critical role of DNS security, address key vulnerabilities, and learn the latest advancements to protect your infrastructure from DNS attacks.

Meet Our Experts

Ross Duncan, Director of Customer Success

Experienced post-sales leader with 15 years of building functions from scratch. Successfully recruited and led teams, delivered major projects, optimized processes, and set business vision at the executive level. Passionate about showcasing value within the customer base.

Imran Rai, Technical Success Manager

Success-focused executive with 20+ years in cybersecurity and IT. Built and led teams, advised C-level executives, and aligned technical needs with business goals. Passionate about staying ahead in technology and security, delivering value at every step.

Join Us

Join us at Infosecurity Europe 2024 to discover how Heimdal can enhance your cybersecurity posture with innovative solutions and expert guidance!

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About Heimdal

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2014, Heimdal empowers CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers), Security Teams, and IT admins to enhance their SecOps, reduce alert fatigue, and be proactive using one seamless command and control platform.

Heimdal’s award-winning lineup of more than 10 fully integrated cybersecurity solutions spans the entire IT estate, enabling organizations to be proactive, whether remotely or onsite.

This is why their range of products and managed services offers a solution for every challenge, whether at the endpoint or network level, in vulnerability management, privileged access, implementing Zero Trust, thwarting ransomware, preventing BECs, and much more.

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