Heimdal has agreed to a long-term partnership with Escom Bulgaria to distribute our products in Bulgaria, so we sat down with Mr. Alexander Zhekov, Escom Bulgaria’s Managing Director.

He’s a seasoned professional with over 10 years of security experience.

Escom Bulgaria, a leading cybersecurity distributor in Bulgaria, has partnered with us to help its partners and their customers meet the evolving European compliance regulations – and to increase market share, of course.

Meeting compliance challenges with innovative technology

Alexander spoke about the need for better security solutions given the increase in cyberattacks and regulations.

“The European market is facing unprecedented compliance challenges,” said Alexander. “With Heimdal’s technology, we can swiftly adapt to these regulations, offering superior protection to our clients.”

A big reason for Escom Bulgaria choosing Heimdal is our innovative technology as it “meets at least 80% of these new compliance needs right away.”

This partnership is key as it helps them provide the latest security measures to businesses throughout Bulgaria.

Educating and supporting businesses

Escom Bulgaria is also active in teaching businesses about these new requirements through online seminars and partnerships, stressing real security over just appearing compliant.

Alexander says the traditional security methods “aren’t enough anymore”.

The focus has shifted towards more integrated, easy-to-use systems, like Heimdal Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

It’s easier for the end-users to have one place to manage all their solutions on a single pane of glass for better visibility of their environment.

“There are maybe thousands of vendors and solutions so it’s tough for users to navigate. Heimdal XDR changes that. It’s perfect for our customer’s needs,” said Alexander.

“We’ll help smaller businesses get strong security without a big team.

“Heimdal will compete with the major players in Bulgaria,” said Alexander.

“I believe we can grow together and take the market share in the coming years.”

Through this strategic partnership, Heimdal and Escom Bulgaria are setting new standards in cybersecurity by making sophisticated, compliant security systems more accessible to a wider range of businesses.

About Escom

Escom Bulgaria is a value-added distributor of top information and cybersecurity solutions from providers like OpenText, Quest, One Identity, DenCrypt, macmon, OneSpan, SUSE, PFU a RICOH Company, GTB Technologies, CyberInt, Cycognito, Reblaze, and Classter.

Their B2B model serves end users exclusively through a network of qualified partners, system integrators, and MSPs.

Escom Bulgaria offers leading solutions in cybersecurity, digital transformation, cloud extension, data protection, and compliance. Their portfolio includes innovative software technologies that ensure optimal protection for organizations of all sizes, types, and industries.

About Heimdal

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2014, Heimdal empowers CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers), Security Teams, and IT admins to enhance their SecOps, reduce alert fatigue, and be proactive using one seamless command and control platform.

Our award-winning lineup of more than 10 fully integrated cybersecurity solutions spans the entire IT estate, enabling organizations to be proactive, whether remotely or onsite.

This is why our range of products and managed services offers a solution for every challenge, whether at the endpoint or network level, in vulnerability management, privileged access, implementing Zero Trust, thwarting ransomware, preventing BECs, and much more.

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