In the absence of the right precautions, cyber attacks can prove devastating. Like an unexpected and intense tropical hurricane, a cyber attack can upend the foundations of everything that an organization has built, displacing the valuable, requisite components that served as the lifeblood of organizational endeavors.

As with natural disaster preparedness, cyber disaster preparedness can keep what matters secure (and operational), despite severe threats. In this article, discover how Check Point Infinity can reduce risk exposure and elevate an organization’s cyber security posture.

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Centralized visibility across environments

Traditional security solutions commonly provide partial views of what’s happening across an environment, forcing security admins to shuffle between screens and to cross-check information.

Advanced security solutions, like Check Point Infinity, present a centralized, consolidated view of all environment components — networks, endpoints and clouds.

Easy-to-understand, single-pane-of-glass visibility enables cyber security teams to get to the heart of an issue quickly. As a result, teams can tackle the issue in a timely manner, and potentially prevent the issue from escalating.

AI-driven threat detection & automated response

The Check Point Infinity platform is powered by advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. To that effect, the solution can identify and respond to threats in real-time. This not only reduces the impact of attacks on an organization, but also lowers the corresponding costs.

Streamlined security policy management & integration

Check Point Infinity’s automated policy management ensures that organizations maintain consistent, up-to-date security policies across environments. This eliminates potential errors associated with manual configurations, optimizing operational efficiency while improving cyber security.

Further, Check Point Infinity’s seamless integration with third-party solutions allows teams to continue to make use of existing security investments while simultaneously deploying (and benefiting from) advanced capabilities.

Robust compliance & reporting

Organizations across industries need to keep up with compliance mandates. The Check Point Infinity solution offers extensive reporting and compliance-friendly features. In turn, organizations can easily demonstrate compliance to relevant authorities.

Ahead of evolving threats

Because of Check Point’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technologies, organizations that use Check Point Infinity will consistently find themselves at the forefront of cyber security innovation.

Dedicated support & training resources

Check Point recognizes that successful cyber security goes beyond just deploying advanced technology solutions — that’s why Check Point Infinity is supported by a team of highly skilled professionals who can provide comprehensive assistance and training materials.

From initial deployment and configuration to ongoing maintenance and optimization, Check Point’s experts are available to ensure that organizations can fully leverage the capabilities of Check Point Infinity, maximizing the return on the investment.

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