We are excited to announce a special release, substantiating our key cross-platform product direction. New features and improvements are rolling out for Linux Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows. The updates are available in the Release Candidate and Production versions of the Heimdal dashboard (4.2.2 RC and 4.1.4 Production), and in the dedicated agent versions: Heimdal for Ubuntu 1.5, Heimdal for macOS 3.2.9 RC and Heimdal for macOS 3.3.0 Production.

Heimdal and HaloPSA

With the latest release, users of the HaloPSA platform are in for a treat. We understand how complex managing multiple software solutions can be. That’s why our customers and partners using HaloPSA will benefit from a new integration designed to automate the creation and management of support tickets, thereby improving efficiency.

Patch & Asset Management Enhancements for Linux Ubuntu

Our Linux Ubuntu module now includes a reduced default minimum check interval for OS updates, an option for OS vulnerability reporting only, and new CVSS scores and CVE information for third-party patches.

New macOS Assets View

A brand new macOS Assets View is available for both third-party patch management and OS updates, providing a comprehensive management tool for macOS devices.

To read more about other enhancements and fixes, including multi-repository support for Linux applications or CPU and memory usage notifications for Linux Ubuntu devices, head over to the detailed release notes.

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Cristina is a Product Marketing Manager at Heimdal, with a wealth of experience in the software industry. She is a big believer in the power of XDR and she’s always up for a good cybersecurity story.