Cleveland cyberattack shut down the City Hall and the Erieview offices for the last two days. Authorities revealed the incident on Monday June 10th and said public services were put offline until further notice.

Emergency services and public utilities, like healthcare and trash collection remained functional, due to employees resuming to manual work.

What we know about the Cleveland cyberattack

In his speech, Mayor Justin Bibb named the attack a breach, while the City’s IT commissioner, Kim Roy Wilson, talked about a cyber incident. As the investigation is still ongoing, the authorities only revealed a few facts about what happened:

  • security specialists observed abnormal activity in the City’s IT infrastructure during the weekend
  • hackers didn’t succeed in compromising either local taxpayer information held by the Central Collection Agency (CCA) or the customer information from Public Utilities
  • the online payment service for court and utilities remained available
  • police sources said they didn’t have access to maps or online communication with Cuyahoga
  • there are no ransom requests for the moment
  • the nature and purpose of the incident are still unknown
  • residents needing services like birth or death certificates had to wait until the City Hall reopened

Source: City of Cleaveland Social Media account

Enhancing security measures

Until now, there are no information of any threat group claiming the attack. Cleveland authorities said they’ll soon reveal details on potentially compromised data and causes of the attack that don’t risk compromising the investigation.

To manage and contain the threat, Cleveland’s incident response team is collaborating with various partners and agencies.

Regarding the City Hall’s cybersecurity posture, authority’s representative said:

I don’t want to speak to the measures we currently have in place, but we absolutely are always putting in more measures to continuously fight against security threats.

So that’s an ongoing, everyday effort to continue to block and monitor all of our security threats because they come all the time.


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