Researchers warn that hackers target Check Point remote access VPNs in an attempt to breach corporate networks. Using password-only authentication on old local accounts enables attackers to gain initial access to the company’s network.

Check Point released a security update on May 27th advising users to bolster VPN security. One day later, the vendor released a fix for this security issue, dubbed CVE-2024-24919.

According to its description on MITRE’s site, the flaw is

Potentially allowing an attacker to read certain information on Check Point Security Gateways once connected to the internet and enabled with remote Access VPN or Mobile Access Software Blades.

Source – MITRE

Remote access is available on all Check Point network firewalls. IT teams can use it as a client-to-site VPN for access to corporate networks via VPN clients or set up as an SSL VPN Portal for web-based access.

If you’re using a Check Point VPN solution, the first step to secure your network against this type of attack is to apply their recent patch.

Safety measures against remote access VPN attacks

CISA already advised security professionals worldwide to use multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive data and infrastructure. IT assets that rely on password-only protection are vulnerable to brute force attacks and password spraying.

Privileged accounts, jump servers, VPNs, etc. should all be protected by an MFA solution. They work as gateways into the internal network, so in case hackers succeed compromising them, they’ll get free passage inside your system.

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Keeping an up-to-date inventory of privileged accounts, like local admin accounts, is also high on the list of network security best practices.

Closely monitor privileges. Disable unused local accounts, revoke unnecessary privileges and enforce the principle of least privilege.

To make things more efficient and bolster security, use a Privileged Access Management tool that automates processes.

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