There are a few things that set gaming PCs apart from regular PCs, and for gaming enthusiasts, these are the main selling points. Features like higher-end graphics cards, top-notch audio, increased RAM and better processors allow for the best possible gaming experience.

However, because the best quality gaming PCs are quite an investment, it’s also important to consider other services offered by the retailer, so you can feel secure in the long-term functionality of your new PC.

Computer Alliance offers extended warranties on numerous gaming desktops and notebooks from popular manufacturers. This means you not only get great deals on the best gaming PCs, but also 24/7 support from a team of specialised engineers after your purchase.

The ultimate range of gaming PCs

If you’re interested in a notebook, you can browse the newest, sleekest and most powerful designs from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and more. Suited to any budget, these include sales and promotions on anything from a 15.6” MSI Leopard Notebook, to models like the Zephyrus DUO from ASUS, featuring a double screen and innovative, advanced technology.

If desktops are more your thing, there are plenty of options to choose from, including attractive designs to suit any gaming station with an unbeatable range of features. From simple gameplay to intense VR, we have systems to handle anything. MSI and Alliance are our biggest sellers, but we also stock customisable workstations to build your very own PC.

Find all gaming accessories at Computer Alliance

For any other gaming needs, Computer Alliance allows you to shop in one place. Find keyboards, mice, headsets, controllers, and much more, along with specialised gaming furniture and any other computer parts you may need.

Our team of local engineers are here to provide technical support and guidance, so whatever you have in mind for the ultimate gaming experience, we can help you attain it. And if you can’t find it in-store or on our site, we can source it for you! Just call 07 3421 3200 with any inquiries.Visit TechPros

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