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What is the Windows Lock Screen?

In the past if you have a password you had to enter into your computer before it would completely boot up?  You saw a screen similar to the one below.  I have heard this referred to as the ‘sign on screen’.

As you can see below on a Windows 7 Machine?  A gentleman named “Paul” will have to enter his password to get into his account on this computer.
Windows 7 Sign on Screen
Windows 8 starts with a lock screen similar to the one below.  When you tap, double click, or hit a key on the board….
windows 8 lock screen
You will get a similar screen to Paul’s sign in screen we pictured first.

As you can tell with Windows 8 lock screen it gives you the most basic of information.  The time and the date are regular’s to show up! 

Depending your machine widgets, known as lock screen apps, they will allow you to view information – such as new emails, weather, calendar appointments, instant messages or social updates – without even unlocking your PC.  If you have  laptop?  It could show you how much battery life you have left.

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