Everyone knows Lego and almost everyone knows Lego games on different consoles and/or computers. But there are already real Lego phone games that can entertain you, whether on the road or just in your free time.

Top 5 Best Lego Games On Android:

If you’re looking for the best Lego games available on Android, keep reading! There are a lot of great titles to choose from.

LEGO Tower

LEGO® Tower (Free, Google Play) →

One of the most famous is the Lego Tower where you build your skyscraper and rooms for other Lego characters. During the game, you discover hidden characters and you have to take care of your skyscraper and its needs.

You can also create your character and you can build a skyscraper up to the cloud. Most reviews are positive and kids enjoy this game.

LEGO® Builder: Best Lego Game On Android

LEGO® Builder (Free, Google Play) →

This lego game connects the virtual world with the real one and you can interact with different characters and in different locations.

There is also a multiplayer game where one player becomes a hunter and the others will be ghosts. Try for sure there is nothing to lose.

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LEGO Star Wars: TFA

LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS ($6.99, Google Play) →

Everyone has ever played Star wars or even the very first Lego Star Wars on a computer, so it’s great to try the one on the phone. If you want a full game, you have to pay for some content in the game, otherwise, you only have such an abbreviated demo version.

But the great thing is that the game looks a lot like the one on the computer, so players already know what to expect.

LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA

LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA (Free, Google Play) →

This Lego game is an RPG and you can find many characters here. You can then improve the characters and build your super team out of it. Each character also has a different ability, so it’s better to put some in the front line.

The game is similar to various RPG games that can also be found on the market, but with the likeness of LEGO. Try to get to the highest position in the rankings and show your friends that you are the better player.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes ($4.99, Google Play) →

As the name suggests, this is a Marvel Hero and the game is treated as a classic Lego game. But here you will have to buy the game because it is not free and there are a few dollars on the market. But the game is very fun and you can meet several heroes with whom you can meet everywhere.

Lego already has a lot of games so it is best to look at them all and choose which one you want and which you will enjoy. They also have an application where you can scan all LEGO boxes and find lost instructions.

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