The best Cyber Monday deals on Amazon by 7 relatable influencers

Today is Cyber Monday; one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and Amazon has been buzzing with action all weekend long. This year, Amazon is once again teaming up with some of the biggest influencers in the world to bring you the best deals and the most inspiration.  

We share some of the top Amazon creators who are sharing their Black Friday and Cyber Monday picks plus reasons why you should check them out or skip them if their recommendations are not your cup of tea. 

Rocky Barnes

Rocky Barnes is a lifestyle influencer with over 2 million followers on Instagram. She’s sharing her picks for the best deals on an aesthetic lifestyle. With deals on kitchenware, dining sets and fashion that matches your kitchen décor, Rocky’s recommendations are for those who grill turkey in a tan coat with wine glass in hand and tailor their Instagram feed to a color scheme. Seriously. 

Jackie Aina and Brittany Xavier

Jackie Aina (L) and Brittany Xavier (R)

Both beauty influencers with over 2 and 3 million followers, respectively, are sharing their top picks in makeup, skincare, and self care. If you are a beauty lover seeking high-quality products at discounted prices, this list is definitely for you. Luxury skincare is increasingly becoming the norm for women of all ages and while not every woman can fork out tons of hard-earned cash for skincare that slaps Brittany shares her Amazon secrets for women who want to look great on a budget with some toddler fashion. Jackie on the other hand is heavy on the self care, recommending great dining deals with home setup piece that make you live the high flier life.

Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker

Blake Lively (L) and Sarah Jessica Parker (R)

Now these two may not be what you’d call “influencers” within the current contemporary context of the word, but their style and their personalities have an unmatched oomph that makes them loved so deeply. With followers in the millions, actress Blake is effortlessly charming and relatable and makes her life as a spouse to a billionaire like Ryan Reynolds seem very everyday, despite her high-profile lifestyle. SJP on the other hand exudes the quintessential New York vibe. Her impeccable sense of style and portrayal of city life make you feel as though you’re living vicariously through her. SJP’s fashion choices and New York-centric lifestyle evoke a sense of urban chicness that’s both aspirational and relatable. Looking for relatable items like non-alcoholic cocktail, quirky stuff like a record player for nights when you are feeling 80’s? Run, don’t walk to their Amazon here and here.

David Chang

David Chang

Renowned chef David Chang, followed by millions, shares insights on kitchen gadgets, cookware, and more. If you are looking to impress your family this season and you want to do it with new flavors, new pots, pans and the lot, Chang’s selection is perfect for you. And if you are a culinary enthusiast looking for quality tools and inspiration, it doesn’t fall short the least bit.  

Aimee Song

Aimee Song

Fashion influencer Aimee Song, followed by over 5 million, is the foot soldier for parents this black Friday/cyber Monday the world over. Her recommendations for deals on clothing, accessories, and shoes go a long way in keeping you as an adult catered to and goes further to list cosy fashion for your kids; from top to bottom. If you are looking to shop for yourself and your kid, and make some hydration buys while at it, Aimee is where it’s at! 


p class=””>These influencers’ recommendations offer a wide variety of products, making Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales a treasure trove for gadget enthusiasts, beauty aficionados, fashionistas, and homemakers alike. We loved putting this together! Be on the lookout for more, perhaps?