Safe-Mode-Windows-95Today’s How-To Guide for the computer beginner we are going to touch on Safe Mode for Windows 95.


This is one in a series of articles on safe mode, and we cover other operating systems as well.

Our first was What is Safe Mode, and then we covered getting in and out of safe mode in a general manner.

How to start a Windows 95 operating system in safe mode

Windows 95 AGAIN doesn’t have the system configuration utility and can only be started in safe mode by using the F8 key during system startup.


  • Restart your computer

  • Start tapping the <F5> key during the Starting Windows 95 message.

  • OR During start up as soon as you see the Starting Windows 95 logo press the F8 key on your keyboard.

  • From the start up menu select safe mode using your arrow keys and press ENTER


FileMaker Article on Safe Mode Win 95

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