Phishing attacks are a real and persistent threat that require organizations to make significant investments to protect their most valuable assets. But how do executives and senior leaders know the return on investment (ROI) of their security systems? That’s exactly why we created the new Cofense Vision UI Dashboard; to help your organization understand and articulate the value Cofense Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) Platform brings to the organization.

The platform is made up of threat hunting, phishing prevention and mitigation capabilities which allows customers to gain visual insights into the threats removed by Cofense across the PDR Platform. The ability to deliver insights within a customizable date range allows administrators to tailor key metrics for executives and board members and clearly communicate on their organization’s security posture.

Cofense Vision UI Dashboard provides a transparent view into the tangible benefits of Cofense PDR including:

  • Active Threats Removed from Employee Mailboxes
  • Quarantined Indicator of Compromise (IOC) Types
  • Breakdown of Cofense and Customer IOC Types
  • Breakdown of Cofense and Customer Top IOC Values
  • Top-Targeted Employees Mailboxes

The dashboard’s Active Threats Removed feature generates data on the threats removed from inboxes, whether through manual or automatic quarantine, while the source of the quarantine adds a layer of granularity to the information presented. Further detailing the efficacy of the quarantine process, the Dashboard offers insights into the indicators of compromise (IOCs) recognized and the overall impact on mitigating attacks.

The Top Targeted Mailbox chart within the dashboard is particularly insightful, identifying the organization’s top-targeted employees for phishing threats. This allows customers to understand who their riskiest users are and customize security training to arm those targeted employees with the knowledge to mitigate and prevent future incidents and improve overall security posture.

Above all, we created this to help bring some peace of mind to customers. As a human-vetted, highly accurate phishing-threat intelligence solution its continuous adaptation to counter real, relevant threats ensures enterprises can swiftly respond to malicious emails. This new enhancement to the platform empowers customers to report up to the highest levels of the organization all while demonstrating tangible improvements in their overall security posture and safeguarding against future incidents.

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