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Today’s MSSP Alert Market News:

1. CISA contract win – Accenture Federal Services has won a $90 million prime contract to provide data analytics and vulnerability research and analysis support to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in its effort to proactively strengthen its partners’ cybersecurity posture.

2. Data leak – Home Depot has suffered a data breach after one of its SaaS vendors mistakenly exposed a small sample of limited employee data, which could potentially be used in targeted phishing attacks. Last week a threat actor known as IntelBroker leaked limited data for approximately 10,000 Home Depot employees on a hacking forum.

3. AI as security analyst – SentinelOne is making Purple AI generally available. The company says the technology goes beyond security chatbots and console search boxes, providing instead a full-fledged, AI-powered security analyst that translates natural language into structured queries, automatically queries native and partner data, intelligently summarizes results and suggests follow-on queries in natural language and saves investigations in collaborative notebooks, so that analysts can do their jobs faster and better.

4. On-premises XDR platform – Sangfor Technologies is launching Sangfor Omni-Command, an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform set to redefine cybersecurity as one of the few implemented on-premises.

5. Managed security services partnership for Zero Trust – Zscaler and BT are expanding their partnership to position BT as the first global service provider to offer a full suite of managed security services based on the Zscaler AI-driven Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform.