The Kitchen International is extremely active within the area of cybersecurity and content protection, from receiving of clients’ assets, to completion and delivery.

The Kitchen has been a trusted language services institution for more than 22 years, and this year we are thrilled to have received the coveted Gold Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Badge, a nod that we are very proud of, ensuring our clients of 100 percent protection from receiving of assets to final deliveries.

It is important to understand that TPN is granted when it is proven that the particular facility has met the requirements necessary to secure the clients’ content, the physical facility, that staff are vetted, visitors are badged, and vendors sign appropriate NDA’s if necessary.

We are soon expanding our Gold certification to our new Madrid, Spain studio (our European hub) as well, with our cloud secure infrastructure in place to manage and distribute content produced in our facilities through-out LATAM, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Several of our global language studios are currently in the TPN badging process, and we expect to name these by the end of the year.

We are all aware of AI, however there are no concrete answers, or significant directions to fully determine how this will affect our industry moving forward.

As is always the case, if AI becomes a part of our receivables or deliverables, the same strict and detailed protection will be given to the new technology.

Currently, we are already testing and evaluating AI technology in our language department, specifically to assist on text translation.

The results to this point have been amazing.

AI is a promising technology that will allow our industry to growth in multiple fronts by bringing flexibility, scalability, efficiency, time, and cost savings while maintaining the same security protocols.

Our global operational infrastructure has been designed to inspect, digest, and fully integrate new technology into our existing systems, as needed.

Of course, all our rigid tests and standards must be met by any new sources for us to agree to offer a broader opportunity for our clients.

We do believe that it is necessary for the industry to create an AI protection authority to use as a guideline and for our overall protection.

This must include an on-going testing committee when AI is used in new areas, or for new applications. Committee results should be made known, and much like what has been successfully created for TPN approval, studios must be guided through new processes.

One note of importance. As an international language provider, with studios throughout the globe, it is vital for The Kitchen to be ready to undertake and resolve any issues that may occur.

This year alone, The Kitchen Turkey was hit by a devastating earthquake; the war between Russia and Ukraine, caused our staff in Moscow to immediately relocate to Uzbekistan, and the Israeli war now has found all our Kitchen Israel personnel safe, but in a highly unstable situation.

We have learned that it is necessary to keep on our toes, to remain instantly available to work and change direction at a moment’s notice, always keeping security of content and deadlines for delivery in mind.

Our global network of studios, led by our Emmy Award-winning U.S.-based headquarters, has been successful in providing all that is required to maintain a smooth flow for all our projects.

* By Eutdel Garcia, VP Engineering, Facilities, The Kitchen *


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