Livent Investment platform is one of the numerous double your investment scheme platform out there and in today’s review, I will be providing you with the detailed information on everything you need to know about the platform and especially if it’s legit or Scam.

In our previous review, we have released major prediction on platform like signet, GMG and likes and today, we can categorically tell that everything contained in them were useful to everyone that take them serious.

As I have said in the previous part of this livent .ltd review, the platform is a double your investment school platform and this Time around, you won’t even be getting double, but up to 10x to f your investment. E shock you? E shock me too!


According to the information contained on the Livent Investment platform, the platform claims to be a firm that deals with lithium battery, and said to have been harnessing lithium’s potential to change the energy landscape. The platform continues in it claims to state that, it partner with its customers to safely and sustainably convert that potential into commercial progress.

Livent said it meets the most demanding technical requirements, driven by its high-performance product solutions, industry-leading material science expertise, fully integrated supply chain, and passion for excellence.

For customers at the forefront of transforming how the world powers itself, it stated that it’s the lithium technology partner who’s leading the way.

However, you will find out if all these narratives about the platform are through before the end of this review.

How to make money on

There are two major ways to make money on the platform and these includes through investment and team commission respectively.

How to make money on Livent ltd

Livent Investment Plans

The minimum investment plan on the platform is the one that cost ₦4,000 and the maximum investment plan is that of the one that costs a whooping sum of ₦300,000.

All the investment plans gives you the opportunity to earn up to 10X of your investment amount, giving you the opportunity to receive 25% withdrawable on a daily basis. But is that possible? Keep Reading to find out! Referral Program

Just as many other platforms that you might have came across in the past, the platform provides you with tye opportunity to make money by inviting others to register on the platform.

You will be given a whooping 25% fixed income per product Product return every 12-24 hours 3 levels of promotional income: 35%,2%,1%.

When you invite someone and they deposited successfully, Level 1 receives 35% of the recharge amount, Level 2 receives 2% of the recharge amount, level 3 receives 1% of the recharge amount

The bonus will be issued immediately after the referral pays. You will Also paid ₦200 per Valid Refer.

Learn more by visiting their official website Registration

To  register on the platform, simply go to the platform registration page and fill tye registration form. You will be redirected to your account dashboard immediately and you can surf through the platform to understand better. However, you need to check out our detailed review section before taking any action on the platform. login

To login to your livent account, simply go to the official website and select the option to login, enter your login details and click on the login option, you will be redirected to your account immediately. legit or scam Review

Now that you have been provided with tyr detailed overview of the platform, it’s the time to check out who is and what the platform is up to.

In this section of my Livent ltd review, I am going to provide you with the detailed information that will enable you to decide on whether Livent ltd is legit or Scam.

In this section, I am going to provide you with two indication and this indications says everything about the platform, by checking the two indications out, you should be able to know if Livent Investment platform is legit or Livent ltd is Scam. These indications are the Green and read flags:

Livent Investment Red Flags

This is the indication that shows all the improper things observed on the platform, and the more the red flags, the more unsafe the platform becomes. Below are the red flags found on Livent ltd

  1. It’s recycled: If you know about GMG, then you will understand better, what I meant by recycle in this context. This platform isn’t new and had lunch and re-lunched over and over again.

  2. Lots of people have lost their had earned money to the platform in the past and there is no indication that it will not be even more severe this time around.

  3. High ROI: The return on investment offered by the platform is too high and hence, the platform cannot be sustained for a long period of time.

  4. It a short term platform from all indication and a very short term one at that.

  5. High referral commission: Your referral gets 35% of the investment amount IMMEDIATELY you invested and that alone should tell you how dangerous the platform might be for your investment.

  6. It’s clearly a Ponzi scheme investment platform and a very risky one at that.

Livent Green Flags

The only green flags found on is the fact that it’s paying users as promised as at the moment of writing this livent review. However, it’s obvious that the payment will only last for a period of time.

Is legit

A lot about the platform have so far been released in this livent review and with the detailed information provided so far, I am sure beyond a reasonable doubt that you should have been able to deduct the legitimacy status of the platform. If otherwise, kindly read the review from the beginning again and carefully this time around.

Is Livent Investment Scam

As it has been stated in the Red Flags section the more the red flags found on the platform, the riskier the platform becomes and if you follow this livent review carefully, you will agreed with me that this review have declared the platform a very short term project and thereby making it a potential Scam!

When will crashed

No one knows, all we can say is all that we’ve said and with all that has been revealed in this Review, you should have no problem or whatever in categorizing investment platform to where it truly belongs. Lunch Date

The platform was lunched on Saturday 11th of November 2023.


Having gone through this detailed review, I am sure you have gotten all you need to know about the platform and especially know if Livent is legit or just another Scam that you should avoid. Hence, you should read this livent review carefully and get the correct interpretation of it before interaction with tye platform of discuss.

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