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CEO Chen Shmilo on Innovation, Leaders Emerging from IDF’s Unit 8200

Chen Shmilo, CEO, 8200 Alumni Association

Unit 8200 is the Israeli Intelligence Corps unit of the Israel Defense Forces responsible for – among other tasks – counterintelligence and cyberwarfare. Chen Shmilo heads the 8200 Alumni Association and sees it as a hotbed for cybersecurity innovation and leadership.

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“The IDF in general but also the 8200 Unit is an incubator for ideas for people to acquire the skillset, the knowledge, the tools and also the network of potential co-founders, and get ready to start their own company once they’re out of the military,” Shmilo said.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Shmilo discussed:

  • Origins of Unit 8200;
  • The connection between Unit 8200 and cybersecurity innovation;
  • The vision behind the 8200 Alumni Association.

Shmilo is Fulbright’s Humphrey Fellowship alumnus and an 8200 veteran with a visionary and strategic mindset. He is passionate about impact-tech startups and social change, and he believes in the power of global connectivity, creativity and adaptability to reach new heights.