Are you trying to figure out how to use your MTN line for free TikTok data? Or maybe your don’t know about the MTN free TikTok data and you want to learn about it. 

Then don’t worry as I will be teaching you all on how to get free data on TikTok lite up to 900MB (0.9GB) within 7 days.

About The Free TikTok Data Gift From MTN

All TikTok lite users with the MTN network are eligible to take advantage of a free data Gift every day to browse TikTok thanks to a special offer from MTN.

The data Gift provided can be used to watch TikTok videos; you get 50MB which is for the first day, increase to 200MB for the second, 250MB for the third, 50MB for the fourth, 50MB for the fifth and sixth days, and 900MB for the seventh day. Interesting!

You may view your favorite videos on the TikTok app and participate in trending challenges by using the app’s free data.

The basic operation is similar to a sign-up bonus and you get a chance to earn free data each day, up to a maximum of 900 MB on the seventh day of persistent login. Let’s get started on learning how to get Tiktok Lite daily free data without delay.

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How To Get Free MTN TikTok Lite Data

Only the TikTok lite version is available for the MTN free TikTok data. Simply follow these instructions to get and claim use of your free TikTok data.

  1. Download TikTok Lite from Playstore – Download Here
  2. Open the TikTok lite and wait for a few minutes for the MTN Free TikTok bundle pop up message to appear.
  3. Select the first day which is 50MB and tap on Claim
  4. Input your phone number and tap on Activate for FREE
  5. The free TikTok data bundle will now be activated.
  6. Repeat the steps after 24 hours [day 2], to claim the next day data (200MB)
  7. [Day 3 – 250MB] repeat the steps from (step 2 – 5).
  8. [Day 4 – 50MB] repeat the steps from (step 2 – 5) 
  9. [Day 5 – 50MB] repeat the steps from (step 2 – 5) 
  10. [Day 6 – 50MB] repeat the steps from (step 2 – 5) 
  11. And lastly on Day 7 [900MB] repeat the steps from (step 2 – 5) 

Note: The MTN TikTok free data Gift that can be redeemed is 900MB.

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Keep in mind that if you forget to claim data on any day between, the count resets back to day 1.


The free TikTok data from MTN is valid for seven days.


you can check your TikTok data balance from the MTN TikTok activation box that is used in claiming the data.

Did you succeed in getting your free MTN TikTok data? Let’s hear your opinion.