How To Get 1GB For N140 For All Network On ToboPay
Here is another cheap and affordable data plan for you that is officially sponsored by Tobopay app with this particular platform you will be able to get 1 GB for N140 which is available for all networks like MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile. 

What This article is all about is how to get 1GB for 140 All Network on Tobopay which should be available for MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile respectively. 

Tobopay is a new platform that carries out different kinds of operations for users to manage their finances they seem to be making use of that influence to bring people’s notice to their platform this is why they came about with an average and cheap affordable data plan offer for their new users. 

We’ve already carried out a review about them which should tell you what the platform is all about. That is the Tobopay review that tells you and shows you the features and the kind of operation you can carry out on the app. 

But right now we would like to move straight to this topic which is the Affordable and cheap data plan they are currently offering on their app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

How can you stand a chance among the people who enjoy the 1GB for 140 and 2GB for 240 on the ToboPay app. 

How To Get 1GB For 140 On ToboPay

Tobopay is a platform that operates through an application that is available for iPhone users and Android users. The first thing you need to do is to download the app before you can think of doing any other thing. 

Once you download the app you will need to be a member by making use of your phone number to register and provide a unique username and password that allows you to always gain access to the app. 

After that, the promo or the cheap data plan offer is said to Start by 15/12/2023 at 2 pm which is on Friday by then you should have downloaded and installed the app to your device registered as a verified member to be able to purchase the data plan for All Network. 

Now we would like to show you how you can download the app register and be a verified member on tobopay app. 

How To Download ToboPay App For Any Device (Android/iOS) 

The app is available for Android and iOS users respectively once you click the link provided here it will lead you to the place where you can download the app from Play Store. 

The particular link that you click here will lead you to replace where you should download the app from the app store and install it to your device. 

Then you can proceed to join the platform using your phone number or stated below. 

How To Join ToboPay App

After you download the app, you must join the platform using your phone number by registering it. 

When you open the app you will be asked to provide your phone number once you click on the sign up button. 

The procedure provides the number and a verification code will be sent to the number which we need to provide on the app for verification purposes. 

After the verification is done you can now proceed to provide a unique username for your account and a password to help you secure your account. 

From there, you have just been a member of the platform. 

You can now learn how you can get the cheap data plan of 1GB for 140 on the app that is available for MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile

How To Get 1GB For 140 On ToboPay App

After you have downloaded the app and you have logged in to it. 

You need to wait for the stipulated time and proceed to purchase the data plan from the app. 

The 140 for 1GB data plan is only available for tobopay app users which can be purchased straight from their platform. 

From Friday 2pm, 15 December 2023 till the data plan offers an end or data bundle. 

You should be able to have your data plan at this stage let us know your thoughts about the bundle. 

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