Today’s How-To Guide for the computer beginner we are going attempt answer the question, ‘How-To find the control panel in Windows 10?”

Today I will briefly explain:

Where is Control Panel in Windows 10?

How-To Move Control Panel to Taskbar or Start Menu

What is Settings?

Where is Control Panel in Windows 10?

In past versions we got so used to using control panel, but its not to easy to find anymore.  They have expanded this tool and call it SETTINGS today.  Let’s find Control Panel first before we look at that!

Yellow is your start menu, and next to it is the search tool.  In the area where I drew the green line (search)?  Type in, ‘control panel’ – you might have to click in that white space before typing.  Notice on the top where I put the purple line it came up with an app named, ‘control panel’.  If you click on that your control panel will come up.

How-To Move Control Panel to Taskbar or Start Menu

If you want to keep your control in a place where you won’t forget how to search for it?  Let’s place it on your START MENU or TASK BAR

We are going to follow the same steps we did above, and yet look to the right hand side of the screen where I placed a red check mark.  It says PIN to either the START MENU or TASKBAR.  Click on either one of those according to what you prefer.

What is Settings?

Settings is what I call an expanded version of YESTERDAY’s Control Panel  Settings was introduced in Windows 8.  
We may need to navigate to the Control Panel to access some settings  Yet most if not all of the Settings can be found under the Settings app. In fact, many of the newly added settings and options are available only in the Settings app.
Using our steps above?  Search for SETTINGS and click on it.  It should be the first option on your list.
For myself?  I tend to use settings only, and I did pin it to my Taskbar for reference.
Below is a current picture of the SETTINGS app.  Although, keep in mind Microsoft does change the appearance of apps (or programs, applications) from time to time.
I hope our How-To lesson on the Control Panel or Settings for Windows 10 helped you!
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