Today’s How-To Guide for the computer beginner we are going attempt answer the question, ‘How-To do the Windows Update for Windows 10?”

Today I will briefly explain:

Where is Windows Update? 

How do you install the Window’s updates? 

What are optional updates?

Turning off Automatic updates

Where is Windows Update in Windows 10? 

In Windows 10 your windows update normally runs by itself, and doesn’t always need prompting like older operating systems.  They call this automatic updates.  I will also show you how to do the Windows 10 update manually as well.  

You will know something happened with your automatic updates when in your task bar you see the symbols below!

In my taskbar over close to the clock and calendar?  You see the symbol above with the orange dot inside of it.  If you hover over the symbol?  It tells you that Windows 10 Update has taken place, and your computer needs to be restarted in order to install it.  Your done!  Windows 10 is nice that way.

Now if you STILL want to manually check for Windows 10 Updates?  Which I do from time to time anyway, and most people should as well.

Windows updates are in the SETTINGS section of your Windows 10 computer.  We can get to the Windows Update directly, or go to SETTINGS and find the Windows Update Section.

Let’s go direct first!

Go to your start button (red arrow) , and type in windows update next to the magnifying glass (you may have to click inside the box before starting to type).  You will see this option pop up like my picture below!

Notice at the top it says, “Check For Updates”.  This will automatically take you to the Windows 10 Update Screen when you click on it.  

The second way – or indirect way – to go to Windows Update in the SETTINGS Section seen below:


You can go directly to settings in two ways.  One is to push the start button (Yellow circle), and click on the ‘settings’ icon.  I moved my settings icon to the task bar at the bottom.  Red Arrow (or my attempt at an arrow) points to the settings icon.  The settings icon looks like a gear or a strange wheel.  

Once you have found settings, and clicked on it?  A new window will open that looks similar to the one below.   This is SETTINGS.  Look at my row on the bottom, and you will see UPDATE & SECURITY  That is where your Windows 10 Update is.

How do you install the Window’s updates?

Click on Update & Security.  This will bring you to the Windows 10 Update Section!

If you do NOT have any updates the screen will tell you that, but if you see below?  I do have update.  We will deal with the optional updates as well, but first this is what I do on this screen.
Before I click UPDATE NOW I click on the left hand side of the screen that says WINDOWS UPDATE just to be sure I have the most up to date information.  
Sometimes Windows 10 Updates stay the same as the picture below, and other times it add additional updates.  It could also install the updates it noted on the screen, and now it shows NO updates at this time.  

Now that I have completed the above?  I look at my optional updates.

What are optional updates?

Right underneath the UPDATE NOW (see picture above) you will see the OPTIONAL QUALITY UPDATE AVAILABLE section.  Underneath that you will see VIEW ALL OPTIONAL UPDATES in the blue letters.  It will take you to another Windows Update Screen

Keep in mind at times you will have updates, and other times you may not.  It depends on what Microsoft wants to send out.

Since I have some optional updates?  Let’s move forward!
I will click the WINDOWS UPDATE option as seen above with the check mark.  If you click that down arrow (circled in red) next to Windows Updates or Driver Updates it will reveal a list for you to choose from.  Again, sometimes you have one or many…or nothing at all.

Let’s look at the Drivers Updates:

If I’m having issues with the Display?  I might pick the first option under Driver Updates since it says its a Display driver.  If you are having problems with sound?  Find your sound drivers.  If you aren’t having any problems?  I don’t personally fix something that isn’t broken.  

Let’s install my Optional Windows Update!

Above the HOUSE icon at the very top next to the word OPTIONAL UPDATES you should see an arrow with the word SETTINGS, and that will send you back to the previous screen with were on before.  Now we are back to the Windows Update section!

You will notice two things above.  1)  My screen says I’m up to date for the Windows Update, and 2)  The optional update on the last screen is presented to me under the OPTIONAL QUALITY UPDATE AVAILABLE since I selected it.

As I mentioned before sometimes Windows updates without your prompting it too.  I did have a Windows Update, but when we went to the Optional Update Section?  Windows installed it for me!

I do still want to install the optional update, and if you look at the blue lettering again?  It gives you the option of  DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL.  I click on this option of blue letters.

Also keep in mind depending on your internet speed, file size, number of updates, or a number of other factors this process may go for a while, or be rather quick.  It’s seems different each time.


You will notice the message will tell you that windows is downloading the files first, and then they install them. 

Most of the time the installations are quick enough for you NOT to notice both steps.   Other times you wait for he download and then WAIT again for the installation.  Again – each time is different!

In the picture above the files were downloading (See Status), and it will install my optional update when it is complete.  Most of the time it doesn’t prompt you if you want to install it, but if for some strange reason it does?  Click AWAY!

Some Windows 10 Updates will require you to restart your computer, and other times it will not.  Always prepare yourself to restart when it is complete.  Save your files, and do whatever else you need to do when you shut off your computer.

Keep in mind that your restart and shut down may go a little slower, because the computer is processing these new files, updates, etc.  Again, that doesn’t happen all the time!  Yet, if the file is large?  It will take longer than normal.

Once the computer has started up again you will need to follow the steps we did once again, and install the next set of updates (if needed).  You will be doing this until all of them have been completed. 

We do need to take care of the important ones to keep your computer running properly.

YEAH!  Your done!

Turning off Automatic updates

Most of the time you don’t want to do this, but there are times in which you might.  I found a video on youtube that explains how to turn these updates off.  For Home versions of Windows 10?  You can’t do this permanently.

Finally, remember windows updates are important for your computer!  You need to continue to check for updates from time to times on your own.  They claim the automatic updates will tell you when its time, but we have to remember this a machine.

If you haven’t see the reminder in a while?  Do your windows update manually once again like I have shown you, and keep it UP TO DATE!

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Thank you for reading our How-To Guide for the Computer Beginner, and today’s lesson on “How-To do Windows Update for Windows 10?”