Cisco System Inc  is set to acquire Isovalent, , a leading startup in open source cloud -native networking and security.

Cisco Systems, Inc., commonly known as Cisco, is an American multinational  digital communications technology conglomerate corporation,

Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high- technology  services and products.

The Isovalent team announcing the acquisition wrote:

 “Today, we are celebrating a major milestone for the company and the Cilium project ecosystem as Cisco announces the intent to acquire Isovalent.”

Highlighting their achievements over the last 7 years, the team mentioned;

  1. the launch of open source projects Cilium, Tetragon, Hubble, and eBPF. 
  2.  Cilium became a graduated CNCF project  among the ranks of Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy. 
  3. As a Cilium community we have developed what has become the standard for cloud native networking and security, deployed into many Kubernetes distributions you are running today.
  4.  launch of Isovalent Enterprise – the leading enterprise distribution of Cilium and Tetragon.
  5.  Cilium is adopted by countless enterprises around the globe including large-scale Kubernetes users like Datadog, ByteDance, and Sky.
  6. Tetragon caters to highly sensitive infrastructure customers such as GitHub, G-Research, and Nationwide.  


 eBPF provides unmatched visibility into the inner workings of the operating system – an ideal interface for building security systems that can protect a workload while it runs. 

Cilium is the leading cloud native solution for networking and security.

Cilium provides ;

  •  powerful networking capabilities for IT and platform engineering teams .
  •   unparalleled visibility into the behavior and communication of cloud native applications, and
  •  enables seamless policy definition of software-defined networks.
  • Cilium Mesh:  allows for the easy connection of Kubernetes clusters with existing infrastructure across hybrid clouds,

iTetragon is an eBPF-based open source security solution . It provides visibility to and enforces runtime behavior within an application and on the network. 

The Isovalent team in their blog post expressed their excitement and anticipation of joining Cisco.

They wrote;

“As we learned more about Cisco’s strategy and plan, we got more and more excited about the joint vision of continuing to build out our amazing team around eBPF, Cilium, and our open source projects while also accelerating the product side and bringing cloud native excellence to customers with products they love.

 We are excited about this shared vision and what is ahead for Cilium and Tetragon, and we look forward to continuing our eBPF journey as part of Cisco to bring our technology and products to an even larger customer base.”

In its statement announcing the acquisition, Cisco  promised to continue offering and building on Isovalent’s slate of innovations for customers.

Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source at Cisco, said;

“Cisco is committed to nurturing, investing in, and contributing to the eBPF and Cilium open source communities,”

He added that Isovalent’s team will join Cisco’s deep bench of open source governance and technical leadership.
“to solve complex cloud native, security, and networking challenges.” he said

He believes the Isovalent team has the knowledge required to  accelerate innovation across the business. This will help further strengthen the Cisco Security Cloud platform to meet the growing demands of  customers.

With Isovalent ‘s leadership positions in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and eBPF Foundation, and its upstream software contributions, this acquisition will strengthen Cisco’s role in supporting the open source ecosystem. 

The Isovalent team will join the Cisco Security Business Group once the acquisition closes.

Projections predict  the third quarter of fiscal year 2024. 

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