So far we’ve discussed gaming keyboards, monitors and gaming mice, but what about the all-important gaming desktop PC? A great gaming desktop is the ultimate in quality gameplay and at Computer Alliance, we have all the hardware you need to create the perfectly tailored gaming desktop you’re seeking.

What To Look For In A Gaming Desktop

A gaming desktop is a big investment. For most the top consideration will be the graphics card, processor, RAM, and storage. There are many aspects to weight up and of course your budget will also play a part.

  • Aim for a six-core chip processor to ensure you don’t run into issues with performance.
  • Prioritise the GPU or graphics card and buy the best you can afford as this will ensure the best in immersive gameplay.
  • Don’t overspend on RAM, 16GB is usually enough for standard gameplay and should you need more, it is easy to upgrade at a later date.
  • Consider adding a solid-state drive or SSD to speed up the loading of games and systems.
  • Ensure you factor in a decent fan or cooling system to protect your desktop from overheating.
  • Invest in a quality PSU as this helps to protect and power all other components.

How Our Experts Can Help

At Computer Alliance, our tech experts are passionate about all things gaming and PC related. We offer advice on the best components for your budget and preferred gameplay as well as custom-built or off the shelf gaming desktops.

Should you need ongoing tech support or for us to source a specific piece of hardware, we can handle this too. With Computer Alliance your dream gaming desktop or any other gaming hardware is readily accessible.

Contact our experienced team online, in-store at our Mt Gravatt location or by phone today on 07 3421 3200.Visit TechPros

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