If you are in the market for a new mouse pad, Computer Alliance has a wide range available to help make using your mouse easier. You may be thinking it isn’t that necessary to use a mouse pad, however, there are still a number of reasons why you should have one in your office.

Why Use A Mouse Pad

For older style mice with a rubber ball, a mouse pad was particularly useful for creating the necessary friction for optimal movement. While a mouse pad may not be expressly necessary for modern mice, they can still enhance the usability, accuracy and performance of your mouse.

Additionally, many mousepads are designed with the comfort of the user in mind. Take for instance a gel mousepad with wrist support – these are ideal for those with carpal tunnel or repetitive strain injuries. There are also gaming specific mouse pads that ensure smooth gameplay, these come in various thicknesses and sizes to suit the preference of the gamer.

A quality mouse pad also protects the surface of your desk or table from wear. The repetitive movement of a mouse on an unprotected surface can also decrease the longevity of your mouse.

Shop With Confidence

At Computer Alliance, we stock a wide range of quality computer accessories such as mouse pads. From inexpensive gel mousepads to high-tech gaming mouse pads, our staff can walk you through the best option for your needs.

With over 20 years of experience in all things computer-related, we make it easy to find the items you need whether it be hardware, software or accessories. Shop our extensive range in-store or online today.

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