Whether you’re building your own PC from scratch, or simply looking to upgrade your system, you can browse thousands of options for high-quality PC parts with Computer Alliance. As an Australian owned and operated company, we hire a wide range of experts specialising in the configuration of computers, and we do it all locally – meaning we customise, in volume, for no additional cost.

Whatever parts you may need, our team will be able to guide you honestly and efficiently to find the best possible deal for you. This includes promotions, competitions, or anything else that may save you money. And if we don’t happen to have the exact part you’re after, we can source it for you!

Our extensive range at Computer Alliance

In our Brisbane warehouses, we stock an ever-increasing selection of technology products for either immediate supply in our shops or for shipping. Unlike many retail providers, we also strive to include extended warranties with as many products as possible.

Our range covers everything from notebooks and desktops to printers and scanners, as well as countless parts for many different models. For PC components, like CPUS, motherboards, or cases; storage, like SSD drives, hard drives, or external HDD; and unique parts for audio/visual experience and gaming, we can offer the best quality for the best prices.

Get support with your purchase

When you shop with Computer Alliance, you will get the support that is difficult to find in many technology retailers, especially if they only sell online. With us, you know that the parts you buy will not only be affordable but will also be exactly what you need. Our consulting engineers can even design and implement solutions for you if required.

Available seven days a week, with support staff accessible 24/7 to clients under contract, we take our warranty support very seriously. If you need PC parts, there’s no way to go wrong with Computer Alliance.Visit TechPros

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